My Story....

Hi Everyone!!  Welcome through this little porthole into my colourful universe.  My name is Kelly Edwards and I am a London based Artist and the founder of 'the bird talks'.

Originally hailing from Bristol, I have been lucky enough to spend the majority of my adult life traversing the globe doing a job that I love before I decided to plant some roots here in the big smoke.


In 2017, by stroke of luck, or perhaps fate itself, I reignited my passion for painting and creating.  I have always been inspired by bright colours, patterns and flowers, which is reflected in most of my artwork.  I enjoy the freedom of painting in abstract as it enables you to express yourself in any way that you wish depending on your mood and how you're feeling at that time.

After a year of pondering, faffing, making excuses and being too nervous to sell my paintings, I decided to have a bit of confidence in myself, bite the bullet and pursue my dreams and build a business so I could share my love of Art with you all. 


In 2018, 'the bird talks' was born as a platform to incorporate my love of art, crafts, travel and story-telling and connect with like-minded people to share passions and ideas.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!



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