Kelly Edwards is a London based abstract Artist and the Founder of ‘The Bird Talks’.


Originally from Bristol, Kelly spent the best part of 10 years travelling the globe as a Yacht Stewardess and Personal Assistant, before settling in London town.  Although art took a backseat to her career for a long time, Kelly has always been naturally creative, choosing to express her passion for fun and all things brightly coloured through her personal style and event organising.


Once rooted in London, she felt a burning desire to create again.  After a year of experimenting and learning her craft she decided to take her hobby seriously and pursue a future in art.


Kelly thrives on painting abstract with thick textured, bold acrylics.  Her work invokes feeling through the movement of colour and depth in her pieces.  The thing she enjoys the most about painting is hearing what her viewers see and feel in her creations, rather than forcing her own interpretation through.  She believes that art should be a personal experience for the onlooker.


In 2018, ‘The Bird Talks’ was born as a platform to communicate her love of art, crafts, travel and storytelling with a likeminded audience.

Through her blog and news feature Kelly reviews and shares weekly advice and tips on a range of art related topics from art supplies to books, places to visit, artists, galleries and exhibitions, travel and more.


To follow her journey, visit her blog page or you can find her via her social media handle @thebirdtalks on Facebook and Instagram.

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